1-Year Warranty: We Trust Our Products!

We put a lot of time and energy into choosing products that are sure to satisfy our customers (in more ways than one). We make sure to only sell products from companies with the highest quality standards. After all, our customers deserve it!
Because of this, we guarantee the products we sell on our site for an entire year. That’s right: All purchases are covered by a 1-year RUBYKISS warranty. If something goes wrong with your product, we’ll make it right. We’ll replace it for up to a year after purchase with an identical item.
If the item is no longer available for purchase, we’ll offer a full refund (not including the cost of shipping).
There are a few things that aren’t covered by the 1-year RUBYKISS warranty, however.

What Isn’t Covered:
  • Normal wear and tear
  • Stains
  • Product(s) that have been used in ways outside their intended usage
  • Customer-created damage (such as rips, burns, holes, and so on)
  • Damage caused by improper cleaning methods (always read the cleaning instructions!)
  • Lost, stolen, or discarded products

Got a Faulty Product? Here’s What to Do

If one of your items is faulty and it’s still under warranty, we want to help you! We just need a bit of information from you first so we can get the ball rolling. Note that all information needs to be the same as the information on the original order, so make sure to double-check!
Information Needed for a Valid Warranty Claim:
  • Name
  • Full shipping address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Approximate purchase date
  • Product name
  • Product color
  • Product size
  • A brief description of your problems with the product (For example, “product won’t turn on,” “component issues,” etc
  • An appropriate photo that shows the problem as well as a photo of the product laid flat

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